The world of KINGSFALL


There is no space. The universe is one big ocean with two surfaces. The upper one is The Realm and the upside down one is The Abyss. When people die their soul goes to Abyss, when a baby borns, a soul comes back to Realm. The suns and moon rotates around the land. Moon It dives to the ocean when its morning on realm. Then, the suns rise eventually from ocean. Yes if you sail out too far u get close to moon or the suns but there are blockages that I will mention later.


Gods, Lords, Divines and Servants


There are 3 suns and one moon. They are gods and godesses of this world.

   AA’TU:  The moon. It seems the biggest from surface. He is the one true god. He created everything. Both the Realm and the Abyss.

   VULA: The red sun. She is the god of spiritogenesis, also known as the death. She is responsible for who will die but there is no certain time for everyone. If she wants someone to die, they die.

   REN: The white sun. He is the god of eternumgenesis also known as life. He is responsible fkr who will born. There is no certain list, he decides as he wants. He also draws newborns fate but this fate is flexible.

   XIN: The violet star. He is the god of balance and conflict Tyun and Twen. He is responsible for all the anger and hate as well as peace and love.



The plural term “lords” came into the holy hierarchy after the battle of Vylls where a simple human called Argonas defeated the only lord Kuzuri, divided the dead and alive worlds as it is now since 5.000 years and became the lord of the Realm (alive peoples side) while Kuzuri deranked to the lord of Abyss (Dead peoples side). As a side effect, now Kuzuri can’t control the dead while suns are up on the Abyss ( and moon is up in the Realm ) so dead spirits pass the borders diving through the eternal water and coming out of the Realm side until Moon rises on Abyss and Suns rise on the Realm.

   KUZURI: he is the first soul who tasted death. He is not a god because nobody can “become” a god. Instead, as he resisted and tried to reborn as an alive person, Gods punished him with making him the Lord of the Suhr (the mixed place where dead and alive lives together before the battle of Vylls) and got ordered to control the order with his unimaginable power as the Kuzuri. He ruled the Suhr for 700.000 years until the battle kf Vylls.

ARGONAS: He is the one who fought the battle of Vylls against Kuzuri. Its considered a battle because of the destruction it caused, which created the Azad sea. This is why Azad sea has the widest connection with the Abyss compared to other seas and the sea itself is believed to be magical. After the battle, Kuzuri got defeated, Argonas created the Abyss and exiled all the dead spirits including Kuzuri there. He tried rebuilding the Realm for humans until he got old. He later built a magical library on abyss that contains every book every written and its nearly impossible to enter from the Realm since all the portal gates were destroyed by the Khun Kisto after 1500 AV (after the battle of Vylls.) and locked himself in there. Nobody certainly knows how did he win against a Kuzuri who was immortal and omnipotent.



Divines are semi-gods who are responsible for the dead, the living and the border between them. They never appear just like gods. They make their servants do the job instead of them.

: he is the god of Abyss. He takes orders from Kuzuri and makes them happen. He controlls the flow of dead souls to Abyss and reborn souls to Realm, takes those souls and tame them using his servants Zad’kien, Shykk and Azaz’l.

BÂTUR: he is the god of the Eternumblu as known as the the Border, the Eternal Ocean. He is the one who tries to hold dead spirits who try to swim down to Realm, to reborn at night, controll the traffic on sea and control the wild life everywhere with his servants.

ADEN: He is the first human model created by the gods. He was never a human, just a model. He is the god of Realm. He is the one who spreads religion, controlls anger and hate as well as the wars itself and the rules the Overseers with his servants.



RÝ’S Servants;

ZAD’KIEN: The Häs servant of RÝ, meaning that he can interact with people and souls. He can use his special ability “the Scorch Dance” to instantly burn everything he sees with hellfire. His duty is killing people whom time has come. He is rhe only creature who can actually take a life. When one man kills another, its the Zad’kien who actually killed the man not the attacker. He is the only servant who can take direct orders from a God, Vula the Red Sun for the list of people who are gonna die. He doesn’t physically do it most of the time. It happens by natural reasons caused by him. He rarely appears and its nearly impossible to trick him since he is chosen by the hardest competition. He is chosen from the Abyss only by the Method of Zad’k.

SHYKK: The Queen who tames the good spirits. She is also known as the Queen of maidens. She is considered the most charming and beautiful women in the universe. She pleases dead warriors and kings by herself and sends her equally stunning women slaves for other good souls. She is chosen by the Illustra Trials and competitors are all from Abyss and she can never leave the Abyss except illusions.

AZAZ’L: The punisher of guilty souls. He is chosen by his insanity. He uses creative techniques to punish guilty souls and non-believers. He is chosen by the Infernus Trial.


URAH MAKUL: He is the Häs servant of Batur. He has the ability to call the “Beast of Batur” or the “Makul” which is an octopus with 100 m long tentacles. Urah makul is the The pirate king. He is responsible for everything that moves on water. Its forbidden for him to touch land so he uses his pirate slaves bodies to create a walking path on land. His duty is the most anticipated and important duty for humans because he is holding the souls who try to escape from Abyss to Realm by diving in water. Some of them slip through and come back to life on Realm as Night Beasts. He also controlls the ship traffic and he is obsessed with gold so he has extreme taxes for inter continental ships. He is the reason why Ruth and Hikazaki continents are this much isolated from each other. He is chosen by an extremely hard tournament called the Makhum Eternumblu Trials, competitors are only half-souls (mentally unstable alive men) . He is considered the most physicalls strong men on Realm.

RABI’HULA: The one who controlls the wild life. She is the protector of animals. She balances the food pyramid and she can use animals as spies or soldiers if she wants. She is chosen by the Chambers of Mermaids. Competitors are from half-souls only.

BRUTUL ZAZÁ: The lord of Metal. He controlls the metal reserves and hardness of existing metals. He can melt every steel known to men in seconds and turn mud into godmetal which is the strongest material known to men. He is chosen by Dwermen Trials and competitors are half-souls only.


ZARATHÓR: The mistborn. The destroyer of kingdoms. He is the King of kings. The only undestructable thing in the universe is his armor forged by Aa’tu. He is the Häs servant of Aden. He has the ability of calling his hammer “Skryll” from the God known as the Violet star Xin, the God of war. The hammer falls with nearly infinite momentum so it creates a magnificcent blast on impact that can destroy castles from many yards away if he does not catch the hammer mid air. He can resent his hammer back to Xin and call it back whenever he does the right combination with his hand. His duty is to stop injustice in wars and praise the warriors who fought on war. He is chosen by the Divinition of Zara. Only humans can compete. The winner receives no actual power, he only earns the posession of the armor itself. As a disadvantage, the armor is powered by the users soul so it needs to be replaced when the users souls is gone forever.

EPSILON: The messiah of Lords. He is the one who can talk with Kuzuri and Argonas to deliver their messages. He becomes the leader of the EternumKlane and all believers. He mostly uses his state for his own good and gets corrupted. Even kings afraid of him because of his false treats. He is chosen by the Lords and the chosen one has to be a human because souls does not need to be directed, every soul can communicate with Lords anytime.

ARGEN’TUS: The leader of Overseers who are the protectors of good. They are highly skilled superhumans who use ancient techniques and magic to fight lesser evil. Argen’tus is chosen by the Argentum Trial and has to be a human with overseer blood. He posesses the staff of Argonas but its forbidden to use unless Lords let him to do so.




Kingsfall is an amateur novel that Im writing. Its fantasy fiction and includes a some inspirations from other novels. Its happening in a different universe with different physics and system. Technology is kinda miscronological but still fits nice. There are firearms but swords are superior so only the lower class uses guns and mid to high class uses swords mostly. There are magic and sorcery but limited. There are no mages of anykind just simple assistance spells and such.

I will post info and artworks about the novel separately because of the worlds immersiveness and dept. I cant give all that inside the real novel. Im planning to post several pages periodicly because its a work still in progress!

The main storyline is about defeating a bad regime that controlls the whole continent.